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Movement Medecine & Therapy  

 "What you seek is seeking you" Rumi 


Very few yoga teachers have transmitted to me the purest good vibe. Victoria is one of those, during her class I did not only enjoy the tone of her voice, her sincerity and simplicity but most importantly the full healing environment she is able to create. This convinced me that yoga/yin yoga can be part of mental therapy. Victoria guided one of the most beautiful lessons I had, the ones were you able to let yourself emerse in the yoga poses, release tensions, breathing out, letting go and embracing yourself, and of course cry of happiness. I would not only recommend her, but hopefully invite her in future projects so more people could feel as happy and released as I felt after her lesson. Until now I feel your peaceful aura, thanks for that Vicky!

Valeria SÁNCHEZ - 2022 

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